Cocktail class at Bedford Soda & Liquor, Ponsonby, Auckland

Zomato organized a bloggers’ meet at Bedford Soda & Liquor to give a sneak peek at the new (and yet unnamed) range of cocktails to be released in a month’s time. These cocktails are created by Phil Spector, Bedford’s bar manager and 2015 champion cocktail bartender.

Kieran, the duty manager, introduced us to the their philosophy. Bedford found its name when the owners each independently fell in love with the eclectic cocktail bars along Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg, New York. They decided to bring the relaxed, comfortable style of cocktails back to Auckland.

What is a (mostly) teetotaler doing at a cocktail meet? Well, I like fancy beverages as much as the next person. My tolerance for alcohol is just a lower than the average person, make that a lot lower.


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