Warisan Uncle Man’s, CBD, Auckland

Warisan is the Malay word for heritage. And it’s pronounced Uncle ‘Mahn’. Uncle (or pakcik in Malay) Man’s is a Malaysian restaurant serving up traditional Malaysian food, plus some extras on busy K-Road. Unlike most (if not all) Malaysian restaurants in Auckland, Warisan Uncle Man’s is run by Malays, so the Malay cuisine here is expected to be top notch.

I had heard several family members and friends rave about this place and was eager to check it out upon my return to Auckland. A catch up with some Malaysian kaki (friends) created the ideal opportunity to see what the fuss was about.

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Malaysia Nyonya Restaurant, Howick, Auckland (take 2)

Malaysia Nyonya (87 Picton Street) is a stalwart in Howick and has served Nyonya cuisine for over 6 years. It is one of the more formal Malaysian restaurants where you can relax and take your time over your meal. There is a fantastic selection of dishes on the menu, which spans not only the Nyonya cuisine but also Malaysian favourites. There are also several special dishes which have to be ordered 24 hours in advance; the golden pillow (see below), Hainanese steamed chicken and herbal duck. I last reviewed this place over a year ago: Malaysia Nyonya review 25 March 2011 and when Malaysia Kitchen Programme asked for a review, I looked forward to coming back and revisiting some favourite dishes.

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Chef Rasa Sayang, Birkenhead, Auckland

It felt really odd going across the Harbour Bridge for a meal, until I realised it was only 20 minutes from where I live. And for a place like Chef Rasa Sayang (25 Mokoia Rd, Birkenhead), you’ll be glad to have made the trip. This place is run by a husband and wife team from Kelantan.

This very nondescript place serves authentic Malaysian food in a friendly, family environment. Chef Rasa Sayang has only been opened a few short months, but has already amassed a loyal following. Quite a phenomenon as most of this has happened through word of mouth, – they do not yet have a web presence or even a listing in the white pages. Continue reading

Angie’s Kitchen, CBD, Auckland

Angie’s Kitchen (17 Mount Street, Ph: 09 – 368 1618) was my local Malaysian haunt when I was employed at the university. It was a mere two blocks away and I could make it there, have delicious home-style Malaysian food and be back at my desk within the hour. Now that I’m a good 15 minutes away (not including finding a park, then dashing from the carpark), lunch at Angie’s Kitchen is a special trip or relegated to the weekend (which is not a bad thing, – there is a dish which is only available on Sundays, see below).

I assume that Angie is the auntie who occasionally pops her head out of the kitchen, but whoever she is, Angie is one talented chef. The quality can fluctuate at times; I’ve had great food, and I’ve had average dishes.

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Malaysian Noodles @ Food Alley food hall, CBD, Auckland

As much as we try to jazz it up, Malaysian food is renowned for having glorious fast food (or, as we call it, hawker food). In Malaysia, these are located in large hawker centres, where you get a bewildering number of stalls specialising one particular dish,  the recipe having been honed and perfected over many years. In NZ, we tend to find Malaysian food in food halls, where the proprietors have to re-create a large number of Malaysian dishes across various ethnicities.

Food Alley (9 Albert Street) has been around as far back as I can remember. There used to be a lone Malaysian eatery, Malaysian Noodles, but there is now a second level with a second Malaysian kitchen (Kampung Delights).

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Cinta Malaysian Restaurant, Mt Albert, Auckland

I have driven past Cinta Malaysian Restaurant (454 Dominion Road, Mt Albert, Ph: 09 – 623 2808) many times (it’s on my way to work) but hadn’t found the time to drop by this well-regarded restaurant. Note that Cinta is no longer opened for lunch although the old signage has not been removed. A review request from Malaysia Kitchen was the perfect excuse to book a table for Sunday night.

Cinta’s décor is a nod to the different cultures in Malaysia, – I noted the Dayak Pua Kumbu woven runners and Melanau Terindak cone hats (Sarawak), other weaving and masks, unfortunately I am unfamiliar which regions these effects come from. I was really impressed that they took the effort to introduce other aspects of the Malaysian culture to the diners. Continue reading

Sri Mahkota, East Tamaki, Auckland

The Sri Mahkota restaurant chain (three so far, in Epsom, Grafton and East Tamaki) has seemingly burst onto the Auckland food scene. However, the original Sri Mahkota in East Tamaki (22D Torrens Road, Ph: 09 273 9188), tucked away in a small side street off Torrens Road has been a destination for Malaysian food enthusiasts for many years. With the franchise in place, the tattered, well-thumbed menus have given way to shiny laminated pictorial ones, and the décor has been stepped up a notch.

There is a lunch menu, with 8 rice and 14 noodles dishes; most are priced at a reasonable $12. But you can also order from the dinner menu, and this is where the magic lies. Continue reading

KK Malaysian Cuisine, Epsom, Auckland

KK Malaysian Cuisine has served wonderfully authentic Malaysian cuisine from their tiny hole-in-the-wall location at 463a Manakau Road, Epsom (Ph: 09-630 3555) for many, many years. When Malaysia Kitchen asked me to do a review, I was delighted, but worried about the cramped space. I was thrilled to discover that KK Malaysian Cuisine has spread into the space next door, and spilt out onto the sidewalk (for those warmer days). It’s still very busy, so it pays to book. The service is fast and efficient, – once the order is taken, food starts appearing in less than 10 minutes. How they manage to do this even though the entire restaurant was booked out is a mystery.

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Sri Puteri’s, Panmure, Auckland

Sri Puteri’s is a well-known Malaysian Mamak restaurant located at 59 Queens Street, Panmure (Ph: 09-574 6775). Mamak food is the food of Muslim Indians, and has woven itself into Malaysian community to be considered what is quintessential Malaysian cuisine. Sri Puteri’s also serves Chinese and South Indian favourites.

Lil Bro, Little Z and I came to sample the food as part of the Malaysian Kitchen’s ‘Makan Blog Squad’.

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