And then there was a wedding….

I’ve been reflecting on what a tremendous year this has been. I could not have imagined at this time last year where I would be typing this post. A year ago, I was happily settled in Auckland, New Zealand, organising to have Sam, the lovable rascal of a beagle to be looked after by my wonderfully accommodating neighbours and planning to head over to Brisbane to see my best friend Bren and her family.

In 2014, I sold the house, said goodbye to the neighbours, rehomed Sam, flew the ditch to Sydney and started a new job in a different industry, which are all made for a head-scratcher of a year. On top of it, the reason for it all, BL, convinced me it was a good, no, actually brilliant idea to get married. Seriously.

Which was why, on an amazingly blue skied day in October, BL and I did just that. We had a small, fun wedding at Zealong Tea Estate, a mere stone’s throw out of Hamilton, New Zealand. We chanced upon Zealong which is famous for their high tea tiffins paired with their locally grown Oolong teas on one of our outings, and immediately knew this was the perfect location. I can’t speak more highly of the staff, especially Dyson, who with Joe, orchestrated the entire day. The incredibly professional and friendly staff made it a relaxed, joy-filled day.

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Moved to Sydney!

Sydney Opera House lit up during Vivid

For those who have been wondering why so few posts in the last couple of months, and why the posts on Sydney eats, it is all because I made the big move to Sydney a month ago. The fiancé, BL, took up an opportunity to transfer within his company in March. After many negotiations, I resigned from my job, sold the house and Sam the beagle is happily ensconced with a new family (who is loving him to bits).

Sam meeting Daniel, his new buddy

I made my way across the Tasman Sea three times in July to spend time with the fiancé and for job interviews (happy to report that yes, I accepted a great role). And now I am finally here, for good, for bad, and of course, for the food. Continue reading