Cocomisu: or the bastardisation of Italian desserts

First of all: I am not your trusted Hackstress – you will find no delicious Malaysian restaurant reviews in this post, nor tips for hot cafes in the Eastern suburbs, since not all of us are fortunate enough to live near them. (Though we can read about them and get jealous.)

My good friend, former colleague, and co-foodie has invited me to share a hack on her blog, so thanks!

As our Hackstress has noticed from my tendency to bring Italian baked goods into the office, I like to cook European sweets. And as she has probably also noticed from the fact that said sweets tend to flop or fall over, I don’t cook them according to recipes or traditions of any sort.

With that in mind, here’s one that actually worked.

I had a cooking session with my boyfriend’s sister Naomi, which was well-timed, since her brother had a room full of hungry board-gaming 20-something blokes calling brutishly for cookies from the downstairs living room. We baked a strategic batch of chocolate chip cookies to lull them into a sugar-coma so that they wouldn’t notice us preparing the real treat: tiramisu!

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