Tiny Kitchen Garden

Since my move up to Auckland, I’ve had to think differently about veggie gardening. I had a good size vegetable garden in Palmerston North, and even an allotment at work (one of few perks of working for a pastoral research institute in a small regional town), which coincidentally was where I got introduced to veggie growing.

herbs, green cabbage and red cabbage (centre)

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Feijoa Almond Cake

Feijoas are native to the east coast of South America, but grow incredibly well in the temperate climes of Auckland. I am fortunate to live on a property with 2 feijoa trees in the garden. Everyone in Auckland knows that autumn is feijoa season, because people with feijoa trees suddenly are your friends and try to foist bags of green fruit on you.

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Pasta with ricotta and spinach

I had some leftover fresh ricotta, and what better way to use it than the classic pairing with spinach. I have a scraggly patch of perpetual spinach in the garden, – it’s super easy to grow, needs no care and free spinach for months (maybe even years)!

Ingredients (makes enough for 4):
300g pasta
250g fresh ricotta
large bunch of spinach
2 tbsp butter
a couple splashes of cream
half a cup of parmigiano reggiano parmesan
handful of pine nuts
half an onion, diced

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