Kuih making implements

With my newfound interest in kuih-making, I fervently scoured the baking stores and departmental stores in Kuching and Sibu for the equipment to make them. Unfortunately the traditional wooden molds are no longer sold; replaced instead by bright plastic ones. Though next time I return to Malaysia, I must remember to check the antique stores for the traditional molds.

Mold for pie tee (top hat) case

Mold for kuih bangkit

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Top 5 kitchen gadgets for baking

This is my list of what I must have in order to get into the mood to bake. A caveat, – I am such a sloth that unless things are easy, I can’t drum up the motivation, so some of these are most likely superfluous to serious home bakers. What are your must-haves?

1.  Clear storage containers
These are great; I always know how much flour, sugar, nuts, etc I have. If I have to rush out to purchase basic baking ingredients, my short attention span means that by the time I get back, my mind has moved on to other things. These by Sistema come with measuring cups, – how clever!

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