Fukurou Patisserie, Newmarket, Auckland

Fukurou Patisserie specializes in mille crêpes (or crêpe cakes). These cakes are built with layers of paper-thin crêpes and flavoured cream fillings. Though not quite a thousand layers as their French name implies, they are still impressive at 18 – 20 layers. Mille crêpes have taken Asia by storm, and these delicate desserts with their caramelized tops have finally arrived in New Zealand.


The store is tucked away in the courtyard of the Newmarket train station. As an aside, Fukurou means ‘protection from hardship’ in Japanese. Due to its similarity to fukuro or owl, this bird has become a very popular lucky charm in Japan and is the mascot of Fukurou Patisserie.

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It’s a rare surprise when a dessert place evokes a sense of familiarity (durian? Malacca?). BL and I wondered how the flavours of Fukurou’s crêpe cakes came about, and was informed that the chef/owner is from Melaka, Malaysia. We further rejoiced when we learnt that the chef is planning more Malaysian flavours for future creations.

Each of these mille crêpes takes 30 hours to prepare before it hits the cabinet. Most of this time is due to having to be thoroughly chilled before it can be cut, revealing the perfect layers.


The best seller is the durian bomb, and what we came for. The distinctive durian aroma hits you immediately as the cake reaches the table. There are generous smears of durian throughout the slice, creamy and decadent. If you are getting any other flavours, the tip is to eat the durian bomb last. The durian taste will overwhelm any other flavour. If you are a durian fiend like BL, this is undoubtedly the best durian cake you can find in Auckland.


We also had a slice of the All Black, a black sesame concoction. I love black sesame, but I found the peanuts a bit too hard. Perhaps a peanut crumb would have matched the texture better.


We took home a slice of earl grey and apple. This is a refreshing option, the earl grey flavour is a clean foil to the rich cream filling. Note that the Coconut Malacca is off the menu until further notice due to supplier issues. Being Malaysian, I love Gula Melaka, and I am waiting impatiently for when this is back in stock. Satine, the Fukurou staff, recommended rum and raisin as her favourite.

Tea is a fantastic accompaniment to the rich crêpe cake, Fukurou Patisserie serves pots of T2 teas to share for $4.50.


Fukurou Patisserie also sells mix and match celebratory cakes of their mille crêpe flavours. You can make any combination from their 8 flavours. The service from Satine is friendly and gracious, and makes this little patisserie a real gem in Newmarket.

Fukurou Patisserie
Newmarket Train Station Square, Newmarket
Ph: 09 – 5245104
Opening hours: Wed – Mon 12 noon – 8:30pm
Closed Tue

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