Create your break at the Kit Kat Studio, Sydney, 4 August – 6 September 2015

Nestlé’s Kit Kat are the chocolate covered wafers which have found their way into nearly every corner of the world. It’s burnt into our subconscious that to have a break is to have a Kit Kat.

I enjoyed them as treats growing up but mum had to store them in the fridge, as the chocolate would melt in the warm Malaysian weather. Apart from the traditional milk chocolate Kit Kat, there are now flavours galore, from decadent caramel to sophisticated dark chocolate, playful cookies and cream, to the cult-like wacky flavours found in Japan. Only the matcha (green tea) Kit Kats have hit our shores.

Kit Kat has been in Australia for 80 years, and to celebrate, Nestlé has opened a pop-up Kit Kat studio at Westfield Sydney CBD where punters can create their own personalized Kit Kat.

You get a choice of chocolate (milk, white or dark), three ingredients (from a list of 17 flavours) and then personalize the packaging with a name, and a choice of 5 box designs. The ingredients range from the unusual (fiery crushed chilli flakes, pink rose petals, cocoa nibs) to fruit (mango, raspberry or currants) to nuts (crushed hazelnuts, almond brittle, almonds) to desserts (caramelized meringue, honeycomb, brownie crumbs).

Each bar of 8 fingers is then made on the spot, with a waiting time of 2 hours. A text is sent to let you know when your bar is ready to collect. The bars cost $9 each, and you can only create one bar per person.

I made one for myself, and then decided to queue a second time the next day to make one for my sweet-toothed nephew. I recommend that you come early as the studio closes 3 hours before the collection counter shuts at 6:30pm or 6pm (Sunday).

If you are not keen on the ~1 hour queue, there are up to 4 pre-made special flavours to purchase. These 4 wafer bars are $4 each. When we visited, they had reinterpreted lamington and rosehip, raspberry and hibiscus available.

Due to demand, the Kit Kat studio has been extended a week and will now be opened until 6 September. One of the staff said there is talk of bringing the Kit Kat Studio to Melbourne, but it has not been confirmed.

Kit Kat Studio
Level 2, Westfield Sydney (near Gap)
Mon – Sat 9:30am – 6:30pm
Sun 10am – 6pm

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