Food and Beverage Month at Spark Lab August 2015

August is a tremendous month to be a foodie in Auckland. Apart from Auckland Restaurant Month, many food centric events are happening across Auckland. Some of these are the Food and Beverage themed workshops and talks at Spark Lab, a learning space situated at Seafarers Building in Britomart.

I was lucky to participate in several tantalizing events.

Food Photography (17th August, 6:30 – 7:30pm)
Kelly Gibney, of Bonnie Delicious blog, is a burgeoning food photographer and stylist for a roll call of NZ magazines. Kelly took the class of eager shutterbugs through her signature style and gave a few notes of wisdom, before releasing us for a session of creative chaos with some of Ostro’s best dishes. A couple of Kelly’s advice: – 1. Develop your own style voice, – is it minimalist? Bustley? What type of lighting? 2. Tell a story with your photo, – what is the dining event, who are the diners?

Food Truck Revolution (18th August, 4:00 – 5:30pm)
Food trucks are a global phenomenon, and they are here to stay. Three intrepid food truckers – Pete (The Roaming Dive), Ryan (Ryan’s Kitchen) and Conrad (The Food Truck) fed us with their take on fast food (delicious!) and regaled us with stories on the realities of the New Zealand food truck industry. I enjoyed hearing how each of them entered the intense, crazy world of creating tasty food in a mobile kitchen, the logistics of catering in a tiny space and navigating the vague council requirements.

The Jellyologist (20th August, 6:00 – 7:00pm)
Jess Mentis is The Jellyologist, architecture postgraduate turned theatrical set designer in New York turned food artist. Jess gets her inspiration from Bompass & Parr, London-based jelly maestros and food architects. She embarked on an instagram project 100 Days of Jelly, which launched Mentis Studio and a love affair with jelly as a medium for food design and art. Her 3-D printed molds and eye for art direction makes for a very modern take on an old fashioned food. On the night, we were treated to a wobbly prosecco with gold leaf and some gorgeous gin and tonic jelly.

Check out Spark Lab for more exciting events every month around a specific theme. These go quickly, so watch out for releases on their Facebook page.

Spark Lab
4th Floor, Seafarers Building (enter via Supreme Coffee)
52 Tyler Street, Auckland

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