Blue Moon Restaurant, Wentworthville, Sydney

Since I moved to Sydney 8 months ago, we had not eaten any Indian food. A couple of weekends ago, we took a drive out west to Wentworthville to check out Indian supermarkets for some tea dust to make a Sarawakian drink called teh C peng (iced tea with evaporated milk and attap sugar). And time to eat some excellent Indian food.

There were a couple of large supermarkets on Station Road, but first, lunch beckoned. Blue Moon Restaurant specializes in cuisine from the region of Kerala and Sri Lanka. This sleepy restaurant, which disguises itself as a takeaway joint, has very basic décor. Think plastic flowers, restaurant name painted over the previous tenant’s signage and then there are the blue lights.

PicMonkey Collage

Interior design aside, there was only three other people waiting for their food when we arrived on a Sunday, close to noon. Knowing that Blue Moon had rated very highly on a Telegraph newspaper survey of Indian restaurants last August, I only had a passing moment of anxiousness.

We had a confusing wait where no staff appeared, we realized that we had walked through the left door which leads into the restaurant proper, rather the next one which lets you through the manned takeaway counter. Luckily another diner came through the correct door, and we were seated by a lovely shy and soft-spoken waitress.

The menu included Sri Lankan hoppers (stir-fried shredded roti) and kothu (fermented rice flour pancakes). We saw diners tucking into the delicious looking kothu. BL and I shared a duck curry ($14), paneer (cheese) dosa ($12) and two roti. I sprung for a chai marsala and BL went for the mango lassi.

These servings are large. The duck curry was beautifully balanced, heady with spices, perfectly cooked meat. Tender, but still had a nice bite. Duck is normally very fatty, but the curry was not overly oily.


The paneer dosa had a 15-minute wait, and when it arrived, it was glorious. A huge crispy crepe wrapped around slightly melted curried cheese. The dosa comes with various condiments, sambar (lentil stew) and various chutneys.

P4189039 P4189042

The lassi at Blue Moon is thick, redolent with cardamon spice. The marsala tea is sweet, milky and nicely spiced.


Wentworthville is also home to two large Indian supermarkets, Udaya Supermarket and Patel Brothers. There are food counters in the supermarkets; and you have to check out the fantastic range of brightly hued desserts at Udaya. BL and I found the tea dust we wanted, and also a nostalgic array of cordials that we grew up with (remember Sunquick and Tang?). Wentworthville makes for a great outing if you are in the mood for excellent Indian foods.



Blue Moon Restaurant (BYO)
108 Station Street, Wentworthville
Ph: +61 (0) 2 8677 9773
Hours: Wed – Mon 11am – 10pm

Patel Brothers India Town
86-96 Station Street, Wentworthville
Ph: +61 (0) 2 0468 408 696
Hours: 7 days 9am – 10pm

Udaya Supermarket
78 Station Street, Wentworthville
Ph: +61 (0) 2 9896 3411
Hours: 7 days 8am to 10pm

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