Gumshara Ramen, Haymarket, Sydney

Gumshara Ramen is the star of Eating World Harbour Plaza Foodcourt in Chinatown. In this somewhat ordinary foodcourt, the red banners, massive signage, and a queue direct you to this small stall, famous for tonkotsu ramen. Tonkotsu is an uber rich pork broth; the bones are boiled for so long that the marrow and pork fat emulsifies into the stock. Gumshara does not serve tonkotsu ramen between 3-5pm when they replenish the bones and prepare the soup for the dinner service.

I like fat, who doesn’t? The very best flavours are carried in fat. But this is so fatty that tonkotsu has to be eaten hot otherwise the fat starts to congeal, and can be unpleasant.

Gumshara serves a Super Mega Ramen Noodle ($25), this king-sized dish comes with nori sheets, spare rib, BBQ pork, skewer of BBQ pork and a soft boiled egg. I’m not sure many people can eat a bowl of this themselves. BL and I opted to share this; it doesn’t look massive, but the fatty soup makes it very filling. Though the soup was not as hot as I would have liked, it was certainly very tasty.  I loved the pork skewer and rib; succulent and grilled to caramelised perfection.

HM went with the regular bowl of BBQ pork ramen noodle ($14), which is the regular sized version. The noodles also come with braised bamboo shoots and spring onions.

A bowl of tonkotsu ramen with the fatty BBQ pork probably takes you beyond your daily fat intake. There is different soup thickness available if you want to go easy.  I find tonkotsu difficult to eat no matter how delicious it is, it’s one of those things you take in very small doses. If you want to give your liver a workout, come and taste the reputed best tonkotsu ramen in Sydney.

Gumshara Ramen
Eating World Harbour Plaza food court
25-29 Dixon Street, Haymarket
Ph: 0410 253 180
Opening hours:
Sun/Mon 11:30am – 8:30pm
Tue – Sat 11:30am – 9pm

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2 thoughts on “Gumshara Ramen, Haymarket, Sydney

  1. says:

    OMG That super mega looks amazing! super generous portion! Is that 14 slices of pork plus chunky spare rib and skewer?

    I was just reading about a new ramen place in Auckland that serves just 1 slice of pork with their $14 ramen. 14 slices is too many, but 1 slice is just mean.

  2. easyfoodhacks says:

    Yes, there was a lot of meat. We could have done with a bit more noodles and a bit less meat, but hey, we're not complaining 🙂

    One slice does not a ramen make. That's harsh. Especially for $14.

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