Hemingway’s Manly, Manly Beach, Sydney

Manly is a suburban beach in Sydney which seems to attract every possible demographic, – tourists, sunbathers, families and people like us who want to get away from city centre and meander along its coastal sidewalks.

View from our seats by the window

We had read about Hemingway’s Manly, a little spot on North Steyne, overlooking Manly beach. It’s a restaurant, café, bar. Yup, whatever you want something to drink or eat, you’ll likely find it here. Hemingway himself would approve of the hours, – opening from morning until late most nights.

The décor is library chic by the bar, and a relaxed beach vibe in front. There was a passage stencilled on the wall from a Hemingway novel describing a scene at a bar, where the protagonist played dice and drank whiskey. I later found out it was from The Sun Also Rises, his first novel published in 1926 which established him as a literary star.

We searched out Hemingway’s Manly for lunch, which is served from 12:30 – 3:30pm daily. Bar snacks are also served from 12:30pm until closing. The café as all good eateries, espouses the use of organic, free-range and local ingredients.  There is a small but perfectly edited lunch menu. They all sounded delicious, – you could choose from the brunch options (avocado and feta on sourdough, bacon & egg roll or salmon with eggs and goats curd), burger options (beef or pulled pork) or salads (chicken & quinoa, chickpea with cauliflower & kale, crispy lamb or crispy pork belly with green papaya) and there were sides of corn, tomatoes or fries offered.

BL chose the house smoked salmon, soft eggs, goats curd, crunchy wild rice, pickled cucumber and cress ($20). The smoked salmon had a mild smokey taste beautifully tender, and full of flavour. I’m not partial to soft eggs (I have an aversion to runny yolk), and I found the rest of the flavours too sharp. But BL really enjoyed this.

I picked the BBQ pulled pork burger ($16) which came with pickled carrot, apple & cabbage slaw on soft sesame bun. The pulled pork was really savoury and succulent and the slaw was nice but overdressed. About a third less slaw dressing would have been great. I wished the bun had more texture.

Our coffees were good; I would recommend ordering a double shot, as the single seems a bit weak. I loved how the water for the table came in bottles with a gin label. Excuse to drink during the day?

I really like this place, – great venue, good food and a friendly, relaxed vibe. I can imagine Hemingway and his pals hanging out here for hours, making witty comments and slowly getting drunk.

Hemingway’s Manly 
48 North Steyne, Manly
Ph: 02-9978 3030
Opening hours:
Mon – Sat: 8am – midnight
Sun: 8am – 10pm

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