@Milk and Honey Café, Kiama, New South Wales

I can’t believe it’s been two months since I moved to Sydney. It’s still too noisy, too crowded and too brash. It’s disconcerting that Auckland seemed so metropolitan after Christchurch (and Palmerston North), and now Sydney is another rung on the city scale.

I needed to get away from the city-ness, and so for my birthday, BL took me on a day trip to Kiama. Kiama is a seaside town, 1½ hour south of Sydney and is famous for two blowholes. The blowholes are a geological phenomenon caused by the erosion of basalt rock within volcanic latite rock. The erosion produces a chamber and a collapsed headland forming the blowhole. Waves build up the pressure in the chamber until the seawater erupts through the blowhole. We saw some ‘geysers’, but the photos in the Visitors Centre showed just how tremendous these geysers can be with the right waves.

The large blowhole is right by the centre of Kiama, and busloads of tourists come to be amazed. You have to be patient and/or lucky to catch an especially large geyser.


The small blowhole is further out of the town centre, off Tingira Crescent. This is a much more peaceful place and you can walk right up to the blowhole.

Next to the Visitor Centre in Kiama, you will find @Milk and Honey Café. The décor is shabby chic, comfortable and welcoming. There is a pile of reading material to get you relaxing. You have to order at the counter, but the service is prompt and friendly. The coffee is Allpress (yay for Kiwis), and the barista pulls an excellent flat white.

I had the fish and chips, which was served with a side of garlic mayonnaise.  Neither the fish nor the chips were oily, just how it should be. The fish was nicely cooked, flaky and tender. The chips were crispy on the outside, and moreish.

BL chose the pulled pork burger, which is served in a brioche bun. This is probably the best pulled pork burger I’ve had (BL says he’s had better, though just marginally). The pork is succulent, tender, and very flavoursome. And look at how generous the serving is. The vegetables gave it a good contrasting crunch and were also dressed nicely.

Kiama is a lovely little town to get away to, and @Milk and Honey Café is a real boon to the township.

@Milk and Honey Café
1 Blowhole Point Road (beside Visitors Centre)
NSW 2533
Ph: 0418 146 618
Opening hours:
Mon – Fri:  9am – 5pm
Sat – Sun:   8:30am – 5pm

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