Moved to Sydney!

Sydney Opera House lit up during Vivid

For those who have been wondering why so few posts in the last couple of months, and why the posts on Sydney eats, it is all because I made the big move to Sydney a month ago. The fiancé, BL, took up an opportunity to transfer within his company in March. After many negotiations, I resigned from my job, sold the house and Sam the beagle is happily ensconced with a new family (who is loving him to bits).

Sam meeting Daniel, his new buddy

I made my way across the Tasman Sea three times in July to spend time with the fiancé and for job interviews (happy to report that yes, I accepted a great role). And now I am finally here, for good, for bad, and of course, for the food.

I have loved being in Auckland in the last 4 and a half years; I’ve made friends through the NZ Food Bloggers Association, Zomato, my family and friends have been my backbone. My wonderful colleagues have indulged my food obsession and participated in Dumpling Club as well as providing mentorship in my career. My little house in Orakei has seen many a dinner party, afternoon tea, BBQ, with over a dozen guests squeezed into the tiny kitchen/dining room, and spilling out onto the decks.

My tiny but well-used kitchen/dining room in Auckland (it was never this tidy)

I arrived in Auckland just as it was transforming into an epoch of fantastic dining; Britomart, Wynyard Quarter and Ponsonby Central all came into being during this time. And with them, came a new standard of eatery, where the focus was on the ingredients, and on sharing of food. Small plates dining seems like the norm now, but it was fresh and exciting over 4 years ago.

It’s been a strange last couple of months, with so much in upheaval. We are now in temporary accommodations while our things clear quarantine and customs, and are still finding our feet. We have checked out some great eats; Sydney is truly a city of migrants, and migrants always come with their cuisines in tow. We have also started exploring the farmers markets, food stores and ethnic supermarkets. It’s time to settle in and eat our way through a new city.

6 thoughts on “Moved to Sydney!

  1. Lucy @ Lucyeats says:

    How very exciting for you both! I will miss your Auckland reviews but will keep an eye out for the recipes. I'll forward any good looking Sydney restaurants to my parents who are heading over next month 🙂

  2. Upnworld Upn says:

    Auckland's loss, Sydney's gain. All the best for the new life. You were easily one of the better restaurant review writers in Ack. I'm booked later this year for a series of exciting meals in Aus., which include Quay and Marque in Sydney…tc

  3. easyfoodhacks says:

    Many thanks for those kind words, Upn. I'm really missing Auckland. Those two Sydney restaurants are pretty special, so I'm looking forward to seeing what you think of them. Sounds like you've got quite a gastronomic trip planned!

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