La Bottega Bakery, Kingsland, Auckland

Just when you think Auckland has reached a maximum awesomeness of bakeries, here’s another one which nudges the bar up another notch. La Bottega Bakery is an absolutely delightful Italian bakery, which has just expanded its repertoire to a delicious brunch menu (this review is based on a previous menu; the current menu is available here). There is seating in a rustic courtyard which is nicely screened from the elements.

The service is charming, and helpful. While I have stopped here for pastry takeaways and marvelled at their sandwiches during the week, BL and I were here for their new weekend brunch menu.

I had the Caprese benedict ($16.50), an delicious twist on the eggs benedict. The Caprese came with the freshest mozzarella, tomatoes and basil leaves on spinach focaccia bread topped with free-range poached eggs and drizzled with a basil hollandaise. This was an absolute delight, perfect if you want a fresh and flavourful vegetarian breakfast. And how can you not love the colour of basil hollandaise?

BL’s mozzarella roll ($17.50) is La Bottega’s take on a big breakfast, which comes with parma ham stuffed mozzarella roll served with toasted ciabatta, poached eggs, fennel sausage and the basil hollandaise. It looks amazing. And it tastes even better.

Brunch meals are typically quite heavy, and I’m always ready for a nap soon after, but La Bottega’s versions are tasty, and just perfect to nourish you while still letting you get on with the day.

I am enamoured by their bombolini, – custard-filled Italian doughnuts. These are light and not too sweet; perfect as a breakfast snack as they are traditionally eaten in Tuscany. The coffees were good too.

On the way out, pick out some treats from the cabinets. Try the cannoli, you get to choose between the Sicilian cannoli, which is stuffed with ricotta flavoured with dried fruit and nuts or the other version which is stuffed with zabaglione cream. Some of these treats (bombolini, cannoli, bigne) are also available in mini sizes. Then there are the Italian breads, tarts and quiches.  If I worked within walking distance, this place would be my downfall. Bravo La Bottega!

La Bottega Bakery
503 New North Road, Kingsland, Auckland
Ph: 09 – 815 3834
Open 7 days:
Mon- Fri: 7am – 4pm, Sat/Sun: 8am – 4pm

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