La Voie Française, Mt Roskill, Auckland

La Voie Française is a badly kept secret. This wonderful French patisserie in the most unlikely of location (the quiet end of Dominion Road), has queues lining up for baker Tetsuya Namekawa’s breads, pastries, sandwiches and all manner of delectable baked treats. Tetsuya trained in Paris under the famed Pierre Herme (the undisputed king of macaron).

The team of bakers bake throughout the day as well, so there are fresh, warm baked goods coming out of the oven at different times of the day. These breads and pastries are served at some of the top restaurants (e.g. Meredith’s, The Grove, Clooney) and cafes (e.g. The Grassy Knoll) in Auckland.

Their baguette is justifiably the best in Auckland (and probably New Zealand). I am addicted to their baguette rolls (5 for $3), which are a perfect portion for one. They are brilliant for dinner parties, and I buy them in lots of twenties for when guests come over. They reheat beautifully, and have the perfect crust with a fragrant chewy centre. I have converted several people; or rather I have ruined several guests’ ability to eat mediocre bread.

For a treat, I indulge in their croissant aux amandes (almond croissant). I could wax lyrical about the perfection of the flavour of the almond paste, crunch and buttery-ness… There is also a selection of pastel-coloured macarons ($1.70 each) in flavours or pistachio, blackcurrant, hazelnut, lemon and others.

Their sandwiches are excellent as well; my favourite is the roti poulet ($5), which has chicken shreds in a peppery mayonnaise dressing, lightly pickled carrot ribbons, mesclun salad between slices of their pain de mie (soft white bread). The croque monsieur is cheesy, mustardy and just plain delicious warmed up.

There is always something new to discover each you go to La Voie Française, and my self-control typically goes out the window. To ensure you get what you want, La Voie Francaise take orders.

They also make great coffee, and Zealong tea. There are only 3 small café tables, so it’s not really a place for groups. Go early and go often, as the most popular items run out quick. Let me know if you don’t think this is the best baguette. And oh… don’t tell everyone, the queues are long enough as it is.

La Voie Française
875 Dominion Road, Mt Roskill, Auckland
Ph: 09 – 620 5947
Open 7 days: 8am – 3pm

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