Sweet New Zealand #26 Recap

We’re just closing off our first month of spring, and you’d be forgiven for thinking we’re still ensconced in winter. One bright thing is that it’s perfect weather to whip up some sweetness in the kitchen to banish the rain and unsettled weather. Welcome to the round-up of Sweet New Zealand #26, a monthly blogging event of all things sweet and delicious for Kiwis wherever they may reside.

First up, we have Bake Club with Frances’ raw peppermint slice. The slice looks amazing, and I would never have guessed it was raw. Check out the mint cream recipe; I can just imagine all sorts of variations for dairy-free guests.

Alessandra featured not one, but two fruit puddings; lemon pudding and raspberry pudding. For the raspberry version, she used Fresh As raspberry powder, one of my favourite ‘secret’ ingredients which gives an intense flavour and colour.

Arfi from HomeMadeS showcased a beautiful gluten-free hazelnut and cocoa nibs slice with some hazelnuts from her own trees. Yup, you read that correctly. Arfi has a grove of nut trees, and I am more than a little envious. The nutty slice is made with hazelnut and almond flour, with my weakness, sweetened condensed milk.

Lucy at Lucy Eats made some very impressive mooncakes with lotus seed filling for Mooncake Festival (or Mid-Autumn festival, celebrated on 19th September this year). I love the mini sizes, perfect for each person. And I especially love her story about making mooncakes with her nana. I think Lucy has convinced me to get some molds and make my own mooncakes next year!

I have never thought of putting semolina in a cake, but Mairi from Toast has convinced me with Ottolenghi’s semolina, coconut & marmalade cake. I was lucky enough to try some of it at the blogger’s afternoon tea, and it was beautifully fragranced and so moist.

To round off the month, I made Jordan Rondel’s (The Caker) pineapple upside-down cake with crème anglaise. Baked pineapple has a wonderful tropical sweetness without the tartness, and the caramel give the this light but rich cake a lovely crust.

I’m handing the reins of Sweet NZ to Lucy at Lucy Eats who is hosting next month’s edition (follow link to enter).  See you then!

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