Sweet New Zealand #26

When I was dipping my newbie toes into the blogosphere, I attended the inaugural New Zealand Food Bloggers Conference and heard Alessandra Zecchini talk about her experiences as a blogger and food writer. What Alessandra didn’t mention is that she is also a huge proponent of Kiwi bloggers, and one of the ways she does this is through a monthly blogging event called Sweet New Zealand. This is a fun event to share recipes and connect with both familiar and new bloggers.

After participating in several Sweet New Zealand events, I’m very pleased to be this month’s host. Have a tantalising look at the August roundup by the effervescent Marnelli of Sweets and Brains.

It’s easy to enter. Here’s how:

1.   This event is open to all bloggers residing in New Zealand (even if you are not a Kiwi), as well as all Kiwi bloggers living and blogging overseas.

2.  You can enter anything sweet: cakes, biscuits, slices, desserts, even drinks, and you may submit as many entries as you like, including old posts if you like.

3.   Your entry must contain the phrase Sweet New Zealand, the Sweet New Zealand badge (choose your own size), a link to the host, and to this post – so if you are submitting an older post remember to update it accordingly.

4.  There is a linky tool at the end of the post which makes submission very quick and easy (thanks to the previous hosts for this handy tip!). The linky will be open until 29 September and I will do a round-up of all entries on 30 September. To use the linky tool, simply scroll down to where it says “You are next … Click here to enter”, and then follow the instructions. If you prefer you can email your entry to me by 29 September, providing your name, your blog name and URL, your post URL, and a photo. Please email to easyfoodhacks(at)gmail(dot)com.

Many thanks, and I look forward to all those sweet deliciousness!

6 thoughts on “Sweet New Zealand #26

  1. Lucy @ Lucyeats says:

    Oh no! I stuffed up the cropping of the image! Is there any way I could fix that?

    Also, thanks for the link to the nz bloggers association – I never knew there was such a big list of kiwi bloggers!

  2. easyfoodhacks says:

    Hi Lucy, Many thanks for the entry. Can you add your link and photo again? I will then delete your previous link.
    The list of kiwi bloggers is actually quite a bit bigger than that, Alli at NZ Food Bloggers Association (www.foodbloggersnz.com/) holds a more complete list. 🙂

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