Gourmet Gannet @The Daily Squeeze, Waimaiku (now at Huapai)

Alli of Gourmet Gannet has spread her wings beyond the Hobsonville Farmers Market into a new venture with a Pop-up patisserie at The Daily Squeeze. Alli is well known for her delicious patisseries and her cooking classes at Muriwai. I had no idea where Waimauku village was on the map; turns out it is tucked just off State Highway 16, past the vineyards of Kumeu.

The Daily Squeeze is a juice bar, making fresh juice blends and smoothies. Everything sounds delicious, and I’m sure I pondered for over 10 minutes trying to settle on a smoothie. In the end I ordered a peach perfect, a blend of peaches, banana, orange juice and orange sorbet. Delicious and healthy. Smoothies are a $5 for a medium (350mL) and $7 for a large (700mL). I had never considered it, but patisseries and smoothies make a perfect combination; indulgence yet virtuous.

I dropped by on Alli’s first Saturday; and it had been a busy week. The first day, she sold out by midday. And even though I was there at 8:40am, E, my friend nabbed the last blueberry Danish while I was still trying to decide on a breakfast treat. The sticky cinnamon brioche I settled on was pillow-soft and buttery with the sweetness of brown sugar.

In addition to the danish and brioche, Gourmet Gannet also offers up pies, soup, sweet and savoury tarts, scones, mini-cakes and bread. I picked up a multigrain loaf to take home.

The space at The Daily Squeeze conjures up a relaxed, breezy beach lifestyle. There is an eclectic mix of furnishings which all just works. Find your stool, chair or armchair and spot in the sun, and it’s a great way to enjoy a lazy brunch.

If I lived nearby, I could readily get used to this. I look forward to popping in when I’m in this neck of the woods again.

The Daily Squeeze 
9D Factory Road,

Gourmet Gannet (Pop-up patisserie)
Tues – Sat: 8am – 3pm (or until sold out)

Note: Gourmet Gannet now operates out of its own bakery at Haupai

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