7 Siri Taste of Sri Lanka, Sandringham, Auckland

Dumpling Club is spreading its wings, and venturing into other ethnic offerings. Makes sense, when we are surrounded by some of the best South Asian eateries around. 7 Siri Taste of Sri Lanka has been well received, scoring very positive reviews from NZ Herald, and other sites.

A very warm welcome greeted us, along with an introduction to Sri Lankan food and the menu. Sri Lankan food shares similarities with South Indian cuisine, but with some unique spice mixtures. The servings at 7 Siri are very generous, so you may want to get say 5 dishes to share among 6 diners.

We started our culinary adventure with chicken curry roll ($1.80 each), delicious curried meat and veggies encased in a thin pastry skin and deep-fried.

This was followed the highly recommended lump rice ($15), a smorgasbord of flavours (3 meat and 3 veggie curries, with a selection of chutneys) on turmeric rice. The lump rice came in banana leaf package, reminiscent of the traditional serving style. The brinjal curry was especially tasty, and they gave us extra to take away, – talk about great customer service!

The kottu roti ($13) has chopped up pieces of roti cooked with spices, vegetables and your choice of meats. This was an intriguing dish; the different textures worked well.

I especially liked the appa kottu ($6), the bowl shaped versions of dosa, made from fermented rice flour, and filled with a spicy vegetable and meat mix. You can get appa plain, with cheese or even ice-cream as a dessert.

I always enjoy masala dosa ($10), a fermented rice flour pancake with a spicy potato filling, and served with sambar (spicy vegetable stew) and dry coconut chutney. I have to admit that I prefer the versions I had at two other South Indian restaurants, Santhiya’s in Mt Roskill and Satya in Sandringham which had crispier dosas and chutneys which are thick sauces in consistency.

Something different is the poll roti ($2.50 each, or $10 for a meal with chutney and curry). These are roti with addition of coconut and vegetables. I’ve never had coconut in a roti before, this takes some getting used to. The curry was delicious, nicely spiced and perfect for a winter afternoon.

Sri Lankan food beckons with new flavours and textures, which makes a welcomed introduction to the Auckland food scene. The food is exceptionally well-priced and the atmosphere is most congenial. It is authentic cooking by passionate restauranteurs.

7 Siri Taste of Sri Lanka,
580 Sandringham Road
Ph: 09- 849 6294
Mon – Sun: 9am – 9pm

One thought on “7 Siri Taste of Sri Lanka, Sandringham, Auckland

  1. bunnyeatsdesign says:

    I love the look of the lump rice. I love the presentation with the leaf. We had something similar in Kuala Lumpur where we started with a leaf in front of us and then curries and rice were brought to our table and we could choose how much they spooned onto our plate.

    I heard that when you are full, you are supposed to fold the leaf over to signify you are finished. Not sure it is correct, but we did it and no one told us if we were right or wrong.

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