Full Yao BBQ & Malaysian Café, Somerville

There are Malaysian restaurants popping up nearly every month now in Auckland. Full Yao is the latest one to open among the myriad of other Asian eateries in the Meadowland enclave. The furniture still looks brand new and is a strange mix of trendy black dining chairs against the utilitarian canteen appearance of the space.

Full Yao serves the range of roast meats (duck, pork, char siu, soy chicken) that a lot of Hong Kong style eateries are known for. A plate of roast meat is $13, and combinations of 2 meats is $18 or 3 for $25. We ordered half a roast duck ($20), which came with plum dipping sauce, and a plate of roast pork, with its salty crispy skin.

The menu is more limited compared to most other Malaysian places and focuses on noodle dishes, but there is no shortage of delectable choices. The fried kuey tiaw ($10) was expertly charred, cooked with good amounts of meat, lap cheong, bean sprouts and egg. I would have liked some spring onions for flavour and the sprouts to be a touch more wilted, but overall, this is a very good char kuey tiaw.

Singapore vermicelli noodles ($10) was also well received. The group asked for this to be hot, so I had to abstain, such is my lack of tolerance for chilli.

The pan mee ($10) was another winner. The gloriously savoury soup, served with flat noodles along with the fried ikan bilis (anchovies), minced pork and fried shallots is a simple but very satisfying meal. This comes with a side serving of very spicy chilli sambal (add at your peril).

Wat tan hor (fried rice noodle in egg gravy, $10) is as good as the ones from back home, flavoursome with meat and squid pieces, and egg-y goodness.

A serving of seasonal vegetables ($6) rounds out the meal nicely.

This eatery is a great addition to the dining scene in East Tamaki, and make sure you add this to your  list of regulars.

Full Yao BBQ & Malaysian Café
9 Gooch Place, Somerville
Ph: 09 – 534 9475

One thought on “Full Yao BBQ & Malaysian Café, Somerville

  1. Alessandra says:

    Let me know when you find a good Chinese Vegetarian for me :-).

    Thank you for entering the contest and good luck! After sharing it in FB please come back and write another message for an extra entry!!!


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