Tastes of Malaysia, Food Junction Foodcourt, Manukau, Auckland

I love watching food being created in front of me. Especially if there’s twirling involved. The making of roti canai is a fascinating spectacle, and the best place to watch this is at Tastes of Malaysia (Ph: 09 – 570 1702), where each roti is made fresh in front of you.

Food Junction Foodcourt (615 Great South Road, Manukau) is located just off the Te Irirangi exit from the motorway. The stall is at the back of the foodcourt.

The rested lump of dough is oiled, and then expertly spun until it is tissue paper thin. It is folded and left to rest for a couple of minutes, then cooked on a hot plate.

Two generous pieces of roti canai are served with your choice of curry. We picked lamb curry ($12), which was the best dish of the evening. The lamb is oh so tender, and the thick gravy was perfect dipping consistency, with a beautiful burnt orange colour, and the spicy, tomato-ey, onion-y flavours. The roti canai was light and chewy, though I preferred rotis to be more flaky on the outside. There are also dessert versions served with banana ($4.50) or butter and sugar ($4.00).

I picked the Nasi Beriani Saffron rice ($14.50). The delicious basmati rice had specks of colour and was bursting with flavour. I could easily eat this on its own. The spicy chicken piece was less successful; with saltiness dominated the taste. This was served with a boiled egg, coleslaw and onion chutney.

The Mamak Mee Goreng ($10.50) is a tasty wok-fried concoction with chicken, prawn, tofu, bean sprouts and egg. A good mamak mee goreng is sweet, salty and slightly sour, and this had the requisite flavours.

There was a steady stream of customers all requesting rotis, which is a good testimony to how popular this place is. Tastes of Malaysia also serves a wide variety of dishes, covering chicken, beef, lamb and seafood options, which makes choosing your favourite very difficult.

easyfoodhacks dined courtesy of the Malaysia Kitchen programme

3 thoughts on “Tastes of Malaysia, Food Junction Foodcourt, Manukau, Auckland

  1. Anonymous says:

    Agreed! Their South Indian Mutton Curry served with a big smile was simply delicious. Spicy Mee Goreng & Char Kuey Teow was equally yummy. Coming back and bringing friends.

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