Phở Hùng Vietnamese Cuisine, Sunnybank, Brisbane

Once I’m onto a good (food) thing, I am somewhat obsessed. I asked (read begged) BFF to take me to another Vietnamese restaurant after the fantastic lunch at Tân Thành Vietnamese Restaurant at Inala. This time, we came to Phở Hùng Vietnamese Cuisine at Sunnybank Market Square, Brisbane (07-3345 2888). Sunnybank is known as the Chinese enclave in Brisbane.

The menu at Phở Hùng is extensive, – there are 160 food items on the menu plus another two pages of beverages, but we were here for the usual suspects.

I ordered a serving of deep-fried spring rolls (chả giò, $6.50) to start us off. These consist of vermicelli noodles, shiitake mushroom and julienned carrots wrapped in spring roll sheets and deep-fried just before serving. These came HOT! The spring rolls are accompanied by a dipping sauce of nước mắm pha which is made from fish sauce, lemon juice, sugar, garlic and chilli. These spring rolls are not at all oily, tasted fresh and are seriously moreish. I could have just eaten several servings of this for lunch.

Phở Hùng’s versions of phở comes in 3 sizes, small ($7.50), medium ($8.50) or large ($9.00). You’d think we would have learnt our lesson, but no. I ordered the medium. BFF ordered the large as she was sharing this with her 2.5 year old daughter. When the bowls came out, the medium was huge, and the large was massive!

We had the special combination beef noodle soup, which came with rare beef slices, tendon, tripe, beef meatball and brisket. The soup was certainly tasty enough, but somehow had less depth compared to Tân Thành’s and the rare beef was a bit chewy. Overall, these are still really delicious phở.

The picture doesn’t show the sheer size of the bowls, but the one of the left is the large version

They didn’t have any of the smoothies (they call them frappés) available. I had my heart set on a durian one, and had to settle for an iced milk tea. BFF had a tricolour bean with ice (mung beans, red beans and green jelly topped with ice and coconut milk for $3.50).

A word of advice, – if there is a small size on the menu, order that. Especially if your eyes are bigger than your stomach and you order additional dishes, like us. We struggled to finish our meals and heave ourselves out of there.

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