Le Bon Choix, CBD, Brisbane

Le Bon Choix is a French pâtisserie serving cakes, pastries, breads and sandwiches in their Brisbane CBD branch at 379 Queen St (Ph: 07-3229 9260). In all honesty, these gorgeous creations cannot be termed ‘cakes’ as these are not something you can readily bake at home, – with possible layers of pastry, sponge, flavoured mousse, fruit gelée and sable biscuit among others.

I was in the city to visit the Surrealism: The Poetry of Dreams exhibition (works from Musée National d’art Moderne, Centre Pompidou, Paris) at the Gallery of Modern Art, and decided to stop by for morning tea (Le Bon Choix is about 500m from the Central Train Station). It was so good; I made a return for afternoon tea (even though I certainly did not need it). The lady behind the counter greeted me with ‘You’re back!’ when I went to place my order… yes, she recognised an addict when she saw one.

For my first visit, I was recommended L’espérance (expectancy), a beautiful round cake with a layer of passionfruit gelée, encased in chocolate ‘puffs’ studded coconut meringue, sitting on a thin layer of chocolate cake and encased in vanilla sponge. It was topped with a pistachio macaron and a star anise decoration. What can I say, – très magnifique! The tart passionfruit worked really well with the coconut meringue, – this wasn’t too sweet.

For my second visit, I chose the Champagne d’été (summer champagne), a layered slice with pistachio sponge, champagne mousse and a berry gelée, topped with meringue and decorated with a plump strawberry and blueberry. This was light and absolutely delicious.

The minicakes are $7 each, and the small macarons are $2.10 each. This is certainly the place to chill out, and savour the delights slowly. Le Bon Choix is opened Mon-Fri 7am – 6pm, and Sat-Sun 7am – 5pm.

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