Serafin Cafe and Bar, Mt Eden, Auckland (closed)

Serafin Cafe and Bar (225B Dominion Road, Ph: 09-633 0228) is a little tapas café located just off busy Dominion Road; with its entrance from Walters Road.

The interior is beautiful, with stunning origami-like pale timber ceiling and arty lights. One side of the dining area looks into a hidden internal courtyard. It’s a world of difference stepping off the hustle and bustle of Dominion Road into this little cocoon of coziness and warmth.

We started the meal with complimentary baguette slices smeared with fresh tomato and drizzled with olive oil.

We had the Potato bravas ($8), crispy potato pieces served with spicy All i Oli. The Catalan term refers to ‘garlic and oil’, quite a different concoction to ‘alioli’ which includes egg yolk as an emulsifier. The All i Oli was silky smooth, with enough spiciness to keep it interesting. This was really moreish.

Ensalada catalana con anchoas ($9.50) is Catalan style roasted vegetables (capsicum, eggplant and onions) with anchovies, accompanied with mesclun salad and roasted potato.

The friendly and attentive server recommended the Langostinos Al Ajillo ($17.50), – sauté prawns with garlic, spicy paprika and parsley. Baguette slices were provided to soak up the flavoursome unctuous sauce. This was the star of the meal, – the prawns were simply divine.

We finished the meal with an order of Chocolate con churros ($8), Spanish doughnuts sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and served with warm chocolate sauce. The sauce was not really sweet, which was ideal, and concentrated on the chocolate flavour.

Serafin is closed on Monday, opened for lunch 6 days, and dinner 5 days (closes at 4:30pm on Sundays). This small café is an absolute treasure, and I can’t wait to return to try their main dishes.

Note: Sefarin has now closed it doors

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