KK Malaysian Cuisine, Epsom, Auckland

KK Malaysian Cuisine has served wonderfully authentic Malaysian cuisine from their tiny hole-in-the-wall location at 463a Manakau Road, Epsom (Ph: 09-630 3555) for many, many years. When Malaysia Kitchen asked me to do a review, I was delighted, but worried about the cramped space. I was thrilled to discover that KK Malaysian Cuisine has spread into the space next door, and spilt out onto the sidewalk (for those warmer days). It’s still very busy, so it pays to book. The service is fast and efficient, – once the order is taken, food starts appearing in less than 10 minutes. How they manage to do this even though the entire restaurant was booked out is a mystery.

We started with the chicken satay (6 sticks for $9) served with a piquant peanut sauce, and the deep fried tofu ($5), which was topped with julienned onion and cucumber, wok-toasted chopped peanuts and drizzled with a sweet chili sauce. I am very partial to the tofu, which is crispy on the outside, and custard-y soft on the inside.

Beef rendang is a specialty of KK’s, and consists of eye round beef pieces slow-cooked in a spicy curry base until almost dry, then finished with wok toasted desiccated coconut ($20). The beef was meltingly tender.

They were out of the kangkong on the night, which we substituted with sambal eggplant ($18), stir-fried with chili, shrimp and chicken pieces. This is quite spicy, but you can request for the heat to be toned down.

Butter prawns ($30) is a famous Malaysian dish focusing on the nutty, caramelized butter flavor and delicious strands of salted egg yolk. The fresh birds eye chili and curry leaves complement the dish. The prawns can be cooked with or off the shell. This was a huge winner.

We also got a bowl of the seafood laksa ($18), – don’t be fooled by the photo, this was huge, – and came piled with fishballs, deep-fried tofu, a large prawn, surimi and slices of fish cakes, and plenty for two to share.

KK is one of those great family restaurants, where there is no fuss and décor comes a distant second to the exquisite food. And the fabulous food is what makes KK so special.

easyfoodhacks dined courtesy of the Malaysia Kitchen programme

One thought on “KK Malaysian Cuisine, Epsom, Auckland

  1. bunnyeatsdesign says:

    I'm glad to hear that they have expanded. I came here years ago and while we got a seat, we shared our table with another group. There is just no denying good food. This place has many fans but also people that don't enjoy this style of dining. Fine with me, leave good food to the fans and the fine dining people can go elsewhere. Personally, I only fine dine a couple times a year. So even my favourite fine dining restaurant will only a once every few years visit. But cheap and cheerful I eat at at least twice a week. If the food is good, I'll come back.

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