Food trips from Kuching

There are several good ‘drives’ from Kuching, – all of which involve some food, of course. You soon realise that most destinations are to a food attraction, and the more obsure, the better.

Si Ka and Si Ring (4th Uncle and Aunt) took Bro and I to Pandan Beach at Lundu. We were running behind schedule and were not able to get to Lundu in time for a seafood lunch. Most places sell out of their best dishes quickly, and lunchtime finishes by 1pm. The next best thing was fresh coconuts at Pandan Beach.

Free range chicken on the beach

Coconut farm

Snack shop at Pandan Beach
Selling all sorts of packaged snacks and drinks
We were here for the fresh coconuts, expertly hacked open with a parang
Si Ka and Si Ring
Bro scooping the delicious flesh from the coconut

On the way home, we stopped by Siniawan. This historic town used to on the old winding route to Bau, and travelers would stop to stretch their legs, get a bite to eat or pick up supplies for their journey. With the straight ‘new’ road, travelers now zoom right past the turn-off to this rustic sleepy township. Luckily, Siniawan has capitalized on its roots, and reinvented itself as a food destination. Every Friday and Saturday evening, the main drag is transformed into one long hawker centre, with tables and chairs in on the street, and make-shift stalls lining the old-fashioned shophouse foot paths. It was raining as we stopped by, and the stall owners were waiting for the weather to clear before setting up, but there was some food ready for purchase.

Tofu stuffed with minced pork, – delicious!
Shirtless taukey (owner) selling kuih

The following day, I was taken by a couple of friends to Tebakang in the Serian district, another sleepy town with several Bidayuh and Malay kampungs.

The main street at Tebakang

Sleepy cats at the veggie seller
A fighting cock
and his friends/rivals

This rural kopitiam has a good following with a constant stream of customers seemingly appearing out of nowhere. The nondescript eating-place is well known for its unusual seafood. We came to Tebakang for their giant prawns, which were cooked in the most amazing chili tomato sauce, and totally delicious.

Tortoise, – chewy and gelatinous, and really tasty
Midin (fern shoots) with garlic
Giant prawns cooked in a spicy tomato sauce with onions
Steamed fish
Gloriously sweet fresh pineapple for dessert
Shawn, my food pimp, I mean guide..

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