Foochow breads, pastries and cookies

For some unfathomable reason, there is a huge range of Foochow baked goods, or maybe it’s just a Sibu thing? I’ve always taken these treats for granted, until, of course, you realise you can’t get them anywhere else.

The food that typifies Sibu above all others (yes, even above the mighty kampua) is the kompia (kom piang). This Foochow bagel is instantly recognizable, with the sesame seed covered crust and the dimple in the middle. In Sibu, you can still get this made in the traditional way, – cooked in a clay oven, giving the crust a slightly charred taste.

This chewy doughy treat is great warm, and even better with braised pork mince or pork belly pieces. I was hugely tempted to freeze and bring home a large bag of kompia, but some things are better eaten fresh.

Modern oven baked version with cheese or ham (in Kuching)

Traditional version with mince pork

Then, there is the sweet bread bun, – chu nu piang, which now comes with various fillings.Leh piang, – with its sesame seed filing, – seriously good.

Long ngor – Egg-y cupcake.

There are still heaps which I don’t know the names for, some are kosong (Malay for empty or without filling) and some which are filled with peanut, tau sa (sweet red bean paste) or sesame seed paste.

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