Eating Sessions in Sibu Part 2

The best cook in mum’s family is without doubt, Kging Kgee (Eldest Uncle’s wife). She has the magic touch, apart from the fact that she has cooked hundreds of meals for everyone in the large extended family for nearly 50 years. We enjoyed dinner at their house a couple of nights.There is nothing as welcoming as a home-cooked meal.

Pek ting ngiuk (8-herb soup)
Deep fried fish with sweet chili sauce
I was in Sibu over the Duanwu Festival (or ‘jho jie’ in Foochow). The festival is typically celebrated by eating rice dumpling (‘jhuh’), and each Chinese dialect has their own fillings. There are two main types, – sweet (peanut, red bean paste, plain) or savoury (pork, chicken, sometimes salted egg yolk is added).

The festival is mainly a time for families to get together for a meal. Eldest Uncle invited us to jho jie at a seafood steamboat dinner, where we feasted on a huge range of delectable seafood.

Chrysanthemum tea
Soft-shell crabs, scallops, mussels (top dish), fish maw, sea cucumber and shiitake mushroom (lower dish)
Large Sibu prawns, there was also a large plate of fish
Poaching eggs in the broth

2 thoughts on “Eating Sessions in Sibu Part 2

  1. cilipadi says:

    The final broth was fantastic, – my uncle commented that you could have just added rice to it and it would have made a delicious meal, – he was absolutely correct!

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