Dian Mian Ngu

It is an unforgivable travesty go to a Foochow town and not have dian mian ngu. ‘Dian’ stands for wok, and the rice noodle is made by pouring the thick ground rice mixture against the side of the hot wok. When cooked, the noodles are scrapped into simmering stock in the wok.

Dian mian ngu is served in a flavorsome stock base with wood ear fungus, roast or steamed pork belly slices, homemade fish balls and cuttlefish, garnished with fried shallots. Dian mian ngu is always eaten with lashings of white pepper.

In Sibu, a small shop in Jalan Blacksmith still makes their dian mian ngu the old fashion way, using a motorized stone mill. Most other stalls now reconstitute the mixture from packaged rice powder.

I had an absolutely sublime bowl of dian mian ngu on my visit to Sarikei. This did not come with cuttlefish (which is now in limited supply due to the almost doubling of cost). This bowl of ‘special’ dian mian ngu was a paltry RM$4.00. Fantastic!

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