Singapore stopover

I decided to break my trip back to Kuching/Sibu with an overnight in Singapore to ease into the whole Foochow experience. What is the Foochow experience, you ask? It’s two weeks of everything my relatives do best, – rampant feasting and gossiping in the boisterous embrace that only Foochows can. You have to be born into it, that’s all I’ll divulge.

Singapore is my perfect place for a stopover, – it’s easy to get around, easy to find something delicious to eat and even easier to shop. It’s so relaxing because it’s a cocoon of everything a girl wants in a clean, pretty package, especially after a 11-hour plus flight, which was delayed….

Jane offered to be my sublimely gracious host for the 12 hours of indulgence. I wanted seafood, and what consummate tourist can say no to the granddaddy of seafood experience, – the East Coast Seafood Centre. We settled into Long Beach Restaurant, which proudly announces itself to be the ‘Inventor of the famous black pepper crab’, which of course I had to taste. We also had clam cooked in Pangkor style, homemade tofu in Chef’s sauce and baby kailan in oyster sauce. Delicious!

After dinner, we took a quick cab ride to the Marina Bay Sands complex, a feat of modern construction, which is an integrated entertainment and shopping (yes, I know, this should be included in ‘entertainment’) resort. We zoomed up the 57 floors onto the SkyPark Observation deck, party central on top of the buildings, where I marveled at the view, and how they have created a tree-lined avenue on top of some concrete towers. Note the infinity pool, talk about swimming at the top of the world. The stores (or ‘Shoppes’ as they call them here) were simply amazing, though we were too late and most of them had shut for the day (they close at 11pm).

So, we hightailed it to 2am:dessert bar in Holland Village, where we reclined on their couch/chaises and partook in schmancy desserts where things are not what they seem, and flavours are disguised in unexpected packages. The service was very cordial, and got even more so when the server found out we were from NZ, and told us his dream of opening an organic/sustainable retreat in NZ! Unfortunately, my flash batteries were flat, and I was unable to take photos of the immaculately arrange desserts.

The next morning, I asked for roti prata (or roti canai as we Malaysians know it) and my obliging host took me to Mr Prata. I was blown away by the very unusual pratas on offer, – Italian prata or ice-cream prata anyone? Since I am really a prata novice, I stuck to the usual, egg prata and tisu prata, and Jane had the chicken murtabak.

After a quick whirl of the shops at 313@Somerset (a girl can do some damage, even in 1 hour!), it was time to say goodbye and head to the airport. Many thanks to Jane for a truly welcoming and uplifting stopover!

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