Pakuranga Night Market

When I think of food at night markets in NZ, I have nightmares of greasy chop suey and hot dog on a stick. Seriously though, I haven’t really figured out what chop suey is even after 20-odd years in NZ, but whatever it actually is, I always think of some stir-fried noodle monstrosity and I have never tried hot-dog-on-a-stick either, my sensibilities would not allow me to even attempt to eat this. I give gratitude to my parents’ valiant culinary upbringing of us kids.

Therefore my low expectations were completely blown to smithereens entering the Pakuranga Warehouse carpark where the Night Market was held. To my surprise, this is well-organised and boasted over 50 different food stalls.

Freshly pulled ‘Dragon beard’ candy

The array of foods was ran the gamut from savouries (noodles, dumplings, pancakes, skewered meats, etc) to sweets (doughnuts, churros, cakes, dragon’s beard candy) to even sours (preserved fruits).

Making churros

Turning takoyaki (octopus balls)

Some of the well-known places in town had a presence at the market, – Momo Tea, Korean Pancake.

The food was presented well, and looked appetizing. The couple of items I tried (e.g. skewered squid, meat-filled bun) were tasty enough. These are not brilliant interpretations of the various cuisine, but they are a good introduction, and certainly impressed enough to make this a recommended destination if you find yourself hungry and bored on a Saturday evening.

The Pakuranga Night Market is held every Saturday, from 6pm until midnight.

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