Sebastian’s Boutique Café and Catering, Orakei, Auckland

A great advantage of living in the Eastern Bay area of Auckland is the great amenities. One of these is just on my doorstep, – okay, it’s 10 minutes stroll from my doorstep. Sebastian’s Boutique Café and Catering (62 Coates Road, Orakei, Ph: 09-522 9299) is open for breakfast and lunch everyday, 7:30am – 3:30pm. <

Sebastian welcomes dogs, – there is a post to leash your pooch to, a bowl of water in case they get thirsty and tables on the sidewalk so you can sit outside. It’s also a great place for car-watching, so I’ve been told (sorry, but a car is just a car….though a purple or turquoise car says a bit too much about the owner)

The breakfast at Sebastian is fantastic. They do twists on the traditional breakfast food, and make their own muesli (which you can buy to have at home).

The buttermilk hotcakes are served with citrusy mascarpone and plum compote ($17.50).  These are simply delicious, soft and cake-y inside and just a bit of crispness of the outside.

Champagne ham and pea potatoes served with a mint hollandaise and poached egg s ($17.50).

An Indian twist, – cumin potatoes with mushroom and poached eggs topped with red capsicum relish ($17.50).

The coffee here is also excellent, and like all good cafes, there is a selection of current magazines to wile your time away.

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