Dumpling party

The person who first thought up a dumpling party is a food hack genius. This is truly an über food hack, how else you can have a fabulous dinner party where you get your guests to make and cook their dinner (and even stock your freezer), they bring snacks, drinks and dessert, and still give you the credit? Like I said, genius!
I used the recipe from Sachie’s Kitchen. Makes 180 dumplings.

1.2kg lean pork mince
½ head of chinese or green cabbage, shredded
2 bunches garlic chives, chopped
Ginger, grated
Garlic, chopped finely
10 Shitake mushrooms, – soaked for 30 minutes, then chopped
3 packets of dumpling wrappers
4 tbsp Sesame oil
6 tbsp Soy sauce

Dipping sauce:
3 tbsp Soy sauce
1 tbsp Rice vinegar
chopped garlic and fresh chillies<

Salt the cabbage, leave for 20 minutes, then squeeze the water out. Mix pork, cabbage, ginger, shitake mushroom, soy sauce and sesame oil. Season with salt and pepper. Mix well using fingers.

Get ready some bowls of water to wet the wrappers so you can pleat the edges, and some flour to ensure the dumplings don’t stick to each other. Then let your guests get to work.

Cook with a teaspoon of sesame oil over high heat in a non-stick pan. Once the bottom is brown, add about a quarter cup of water, cover and steam until water has evaporated. Repeat until dumplings are cooked (slightly transluscent). Brown other sides if you like.

Dip in sauce and enjoy. Thanks guys for a fantastic evening. It was just ‘o’ for owsum (Kiwi joke)!

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