Yi Ping Xiang, Manukau, Auckland

Yi Ping Xiang specializes in Shanghainese cuisine, and had two branches, the original in Howick (113 Meadowland Drive, and the second in Balmoral (537 Dominion Road). Unfortunately, the Balmoral branch has shut.

This place has become a bit of a family favourite, as the menu is extensive, the food is well-seasoned and the service is fast. It is very popular with the Chinese community, so you will need to book.

We started with the fried pork belly slices with vegetables in a spicy sauce (hui guo rou).

Hot pot tofu with salted fish and chicken, the dish was stingy with the salted fish, but I love all things with silky tofu, especially one which is still bubbling away when it hits the table.

Deep-fried chicken with red fermented bean paste. This was absolutely delectable, – the crispiness of the chicken with the slightly sweet and savoury depth of the bean paste.

Crispy duck (1/2 duck $28). A bit pricey, but it’s duck, and it’s crispy!

Sauteed silk melon (see gua) with wood ear fungus.

It is useful to bring a Chinese speaking family member/friend along otherwise the menu can be a bit of a maze.

2 thoughts on “Yi Ping Xiang, Manukau, Auckland

  1. Nom Nom Panda says:

    I haven't been to the Manukau branch, but we didn't really enjoy our meal at the Balmoral branch, maybe because we ordered the wrong things. I noticed recently that the Balmoral branch has closed, with the Golden Tulip Malaysian restaurant now in its place.

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