Goldwater Estate, Waiheke Island, Auckland

Goldwater Estate is an esteemed winery which pioneered winemaking on Waiheke Island in 1978, and is still one of its leading winemakers with vintages commanding top dollars. As a non-drinker, my impressions of Goldwater Estate is based on the stunning views across Putiki Bay from its vantage point.

The grounds have such a tranquil atmosphere.

Viticulturist Andy Black took us through the wine-growing process at Goldwater and tasting of their Chardonnay.

Now the important food part, – Goldwater Estate does a glorious platter lunch. Lunch consisted of a seafood platter (salmon with beans, mussels on potato rosti squares and prawns with a creamy potato salad) and a meat platter (prosciutto with insalata caprese, beef meatballs with grilled aubergines and smoked chicken breast on a bed of roasted pumpkin and rocket salad). Stunning!

Dessert was coffee nut cake, and chocolate truffles.

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